Don't Lose Another Disc

Save your disc with a disc golf retriever

It happens to everyone. Maybe your focus was off for just a moment. Maybe the wind suddenly picked up and carried your disc off course. Either way, your disc ended up in the water.

With a disc golf retriever, you won't have to say goodbye to your lucky disc. You can rescue your favorite from certain doom with a pole that can reach up to 18 feet. P2 Disc Golf Store sells Kwik-Stik retrievers by InZone that have a reputation for being quick and easy to use. We can show you how they work at our store in Amarillo, TX and help you find a retriever that will give you peace of mind.

Stop replacing lost discs. Get a professional disc retriever today.

The advantages of our disc retrievers

A disc retriever might not seem like the most complicated invention in history. But the Kwik-Stik retriever has been carefully designed to make sure it's as effective as possible. You'll love that it...

  • Collapses to just 18 inches so you can easily fit it in your bag
  • Uses a powder-coated steelhead to grab any disc, even in flowing water
  • Can be used in water, mud, grass, brush, trees and uneven rocky terrain
Each retriever has a built-in hook that allows for quick repositioning for difficult retrievals. They can even be used in a sweeping search pattern when you can't see where your disc is hiding. Whether your disc flew past a fence or into a pond, you can get it back with a disc golf retriever.

Take advantage of this incredible invention by visiting our store today.